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Louisiana Glow Spray Tans


How to schedule your tan

Remember to prep for your spray tan by exfoliating and wearing dark and loose fitting clothing. Reach out to us before your appointment or visit our Sunless 101 page for more information on how to best prep for your spray tan


Schedule Online

Visit our scheduling page to book your next spray tan. 

To schedule your appointment by phone call us at

(985) 445- 8821


1 Original Louisiana Glow Spray Tan - $40

Custom tan, perfect for your unique skin tone and skin type. You will be able to do a warm water rinse in 8-12 hours. After 24 hours you can shower with soap and your tan with be fully developed!

1 Louisiana Glow Rapid Tan - $50

Need a last minute tan? Wake up in the morning and realize you must get a spray tan that same day? The rapid tan allows rinse sooner. 


We also do group spray tans and parties. Please call us for more information - (985) 445- 8821